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What is ETABS?

ETABS (Extended Three-Dimensional Analysis of Building Systems) is a popular and widely used structural analysis and design software developed by Computers and Structures, Inc. (CSI). It is specifically designed for the analysis and design of building structures, including high-rise buildings, bridges, and other complex structures. ETABS is widely used by structural engineers in the field of civil and structural engineering.

  • Three-Dimensional Modeling: ETABS enables engineers to create detailed three-dimensional models of building structures. The software supports various structural elements such as beams, columns, slabs, walls, and foundations.
  • Structural Analysis: ETABS provides advanced analysis capabilities, including linear and nonlinear static analysis, dynamic analysis, and time-history analysis. Engineers can assess the structural behavior under different loading conditions.
  • Design Code Support: The software supports a wide range of international design codes and standards. Engineers can design structures according to specific code requirements to ensure compliance with safety and performance standards.
  • Integrated Design: ETABS integrates structural analysis with design capabilities. Engineers can perform design checks for various structural elements and obtain detailed design reports.
  • Load Analysis: Engineers can apply various loads to the structure, including dead loads, live loads, wind loads, seismic loads, and temperature loads. ETABS calculates and analyzes the effects of these loads on the structure.
  • Foundation Design: ETABS includes tools for designing foundations, considering factors such as soil properties, bearing capacity, and settlement.
  • Structural Detailing: The software provides tools for generating detailed drawings and documentation for construction, including plans, elevations, and sections.
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Integration: ETABS supports BIM workflows, allowing for seamless collaboration and information exchange with other BIM-compatible software.
  • Dynamic Analysis: ETABS can perform dynamic analysis, including response spectrum analysis and time-history analysis, to assess the structure's behavior under dynamic loads such as earthquakes and wind.
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA): ETABS uses finite element analysis techniques to model and analyze complex structural systems, providing detailed insights into the structural behavior.

What are the career prospects / jobs roles?

  • Structural Engineer
  • Structural Analyst
  • Construction Manager
  • BIM Manager

Course Details

Enrolled : 9868
Time Span : 100 Hours
Mode : Online / Offline
Class & Practice Session : 2 Hours
Level : Basic & Advanced

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