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What is an Electrical CAD?

Electrical CAD (Computer Aided Design) is a software tool used by electrical engineers and designers to create, modify, and optimize electrical designs. In particular, Electrical CAD is used for schematic and panel design in the electrical engineering industry.

Schematic design is the process of creating a diagram that shows the components and connections of an electrical system. Electrical CAD software enables designers to create accurate and detailed schematic diagrams of electrical systems, including wiring diagrams, block diagrams, and flowcharts. These diagrams can be easily modified and updated as needed, allowing designers to make changes quickly and efficiently.

Panel design is the process of designing the layout of electrical panels, which are used to house electrical components such as switches, relays, and circuit breakers. Electrical CAD software provides tools for designing and laying out panels, including the ability to place components, create wiring diagrams, and generate bills of materials. This helps to ensure that panels are designed to meet the specific needs of the project and are optimized for space and efficiency.

Overall, Electrical CAD software is an essential tool for electrical engineers and designers working on schematic and panel design. It allows designers to create accurate and detailed electrical designs, optimize panel layouts, and ensure that electrical systems are designed to meet the project requirements.

What are the career prospects / jobs roles?

  • Electrical Design Engineer
  • Electrical CAD Drafter
  • Power Systems Engineer
  • Control Systems Engineer

Course Details

Enrolled : 9868
Time Span : 100 Hours
Mode : Online / Offline
Class & Practice Session : 2 Hours
Level : Basic & Advanced

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